Organizations and Associations Can Benefit from the Blockchain Technology

IntoNet helps facilitate payments and data exchange as well as investment and donation processes for large-scale nonprofit organizations, professional associations and governments

Platform Features

Two-Factor Authentication

An additional layer of security to protect IntoNet accounts rather than relying on private keys alone. A possible 2FA scheme may involve off-chain OTP sent by email or SMS while submitting the OTP hash to IntoNet smart contract and requiring the client to solve the hash challenge on the IntoNet Blockchain.

Fraud and Scam Detection

Enable users to report fraud or scam attempts, implement algorithms to detect potential frauds and support blacklisting of specific accounts that are suspected to be in use by scammers.

Decentralized Exchange

Users can exchange between ITN and custom IntoNet tokens. Our decentralized exchange doesn't rely on any third-party services to hold the funds and allows users to trade directly, peer-to-peer.

Multi-Signature Accounts

A powerful and secure tool for protecting against fraudulent transactions. Multi-signature accounts require a co-signatories to approve a transaction before it is distributed across the blockchain network.

End-to-End Encrypted Chat

Using the preexisting private and public keys, any account owner on IntoNet Blockchain will be able to send encrypted messages to any other account owner using global channels, dedicated smart contracts and dedicated chat applications (which may be integrated into the wallets).

Reward Engine

Developing a reward engine that enables each organization to integrate reward programs into their members’ applications. The reward engine will be based on an abstract smart contract interface that can be implemented per each organization’s needs. The reward transactions will be controlled by a transparent and secure smart contract, using ITN cryptocurrency or a custom white-labeled cryptocurrency. A reward balance will be allocated per organization, based on the organization’s own funds and/or IntoNet reward funds (pre-allocated by Emerald Bank).

Decentralized Marketplace

A robust, secure and reliable marketplace where users can buy goods and services directly from one another, without traditional e-commerce intermediaries and additional fees.

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Your own cryptocurrency for supporting an important cause

The IntoNet platform streamlines grant, donation, fundraising and aid management by making the process completely transparent for donors, down to the last cent. We enable NPOs, NGOs, humanitarian organizations and charities to fund projects and initiatives that address Sustainable Development Goals such as poverty and hunger, affordable healthcare and education, clean energy, gender equality, responsible production and climate action.

With IntoNet, you can support professional audits and remove the requirements of putting trust into one centralized entity. Our solution also allows humanitarian organizations to collect and distribute funds quickly and reduce inefficiency while working with time-sensitive transactions.

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Collaborate in a completely transparent way

The IntoNet platform helps facilitate data exchange, regulatory compliance and payments for membership and services, with reduced currency and cross-border barriers for global companies looking to collaborate with local businesses. The IntoNet platform allows associations and companies to manage their resources and supply chain, with a white-labeled solution integrated to the point of sale/payment/donation.

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Improve efficiency of government agencies

The IntoNet platform allows governments to improve efficiency of their agencies and promote collaboration by using a transparent blockchain solution for recording and sharing data in real time across different entities, including citizen records, ID repositories, etc. You can protect that data by using multi-factor authentication on top of overall network security while meeting global regulatory requirements. The IntoNet solution also enables governments to convert cash into digital money that is anchored to the price of the US dollar, Euro or any other sovereign currency.

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