The cost of sending funds from the IntoNet wallet to:

IntoNet Wallet


IntoNet-Enabled Wallet


IntoNet absorbs all Blockchain fees when sending money from your IntoNet wallet. Fees occurred when sending ITN outside of our wallet are outside our control.

Bank Account

10 basis points
or $20 USD

Whichever amount is greater will apply to all wallet deposits and withdrawals funded from your bank account.

*The IntoNet wallet customers are limited to one withdrawal per day. For more frequent transactions, we suggest to use one of our exchanges partners.

Say goodbye to high transaction fees

Proof of Reserves

Total Assets 839,913,245.54 CHF
Liabilities (ITN in Circulation)
Total Authorized 870,000,000.00 CHF
Less: Authorized but not issued - 32,642.27 CHF
Less: Quarantined ITN - 30,950,010.00 CHF
Total Liabilities 839,017,347.72 CHF
Shareholder Equity 895,897.81 CHF